About ASA

ASA has been organized to meet all ground handling needs of airline companies at any airport in Iran by providing these services as described by IATA (International Air Transport Association), namely Passenger Services, Ramp Services, Cargo and Mail Services, Cargo Services, Communication Services, Flight Operation and Load Control, Representation and Supervision Services. Today, ASA holds a portfolio of select customer airlines whose names are associated with quality all across the world. Aiming at improving its service quality and customer satisfaction continuously, ASA carries out its operations with the awareness of its position as a responsible and important service provider to airlines at respective airports..



To provide services for local and international airline companies, the private jet and operators, who are our principal customers to the best extent and to add value for all our partners in every field of our services with a secure, high quality and innovative service concept.

Aria aseman

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Email: occ@aria-aseman.com